Another 365 Days in Paradise

Here we are again: January and a new year.  As we look ahead, what are our hopes?  As we look back, what have we learned, what have we left undone?  The month of January was wisely named after Janus, a Roman god often depicted with two heads facing in opposite directions—one looking back to the year departed, and one looking forward to the new and uncertain year ahead.  Each year in January, I find that I do the same. I reflect on the year passed, bemoaning my regrets and failures, and celebrating my successes.  I also look to the future with hope, anticipation and resolve.

Janus is featured in prominent historical works of art, including a striking bust from the Vatican Museum’s collection (pictured). The name Janus derives from the Latin, ianua, which means “door.” So this god of doors, gates and bridges, serves as the perfect namesake for a month of transition and continuation.


As I reflect and anticipate the new year, I am first and foremost grateful. I am thankful for many, many things but among the most important, I’m thankful for you, your friendship and support. In 2014, I resolve to take time out to recognize the people in my life who inspire and support me in my work.

Thornton Wilder once said, “We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” This is a notion with which I whole heartedly agree.

In this new year, let’s pledge to be grateful for all that we have. My painting of Jim Dines’ Pinnochio in the St. Louis City Garden, arms upraised facing the rising sun and a new day, is titled, Another Day in Paradise.   It seems an apt symbol as we transition into 2014. No matter the cold, heat, rain or snow, each day is another opportunity, another gift – Another Day in Paradise.


Thanks and have a GREAT YEAR!


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